About Me

My name is Fahad Ullah Khan. I am from Miranshah, Waziristan, Pakistan. Basically i am a professional football player represented national team in several big events like Olympics qualification round and World Cup qualification round. I am still very much hungry for Football Glory with hardwork and faith. Your Love is also a Rap Star and doing that technical stuff too like mixing and mastering along with learning Vfx and video editing skills, This beautiful Website is solely created by your Love, I do feel i am a pure “ONE MAN ARMY” plus i am a self-taught application developer and hope to bring some amazing apps on the table but time is short and Dreams are big so i am more into Rap and Football Stuff now, hope to make a Difference. This website My Empire is where i ll upload my music, my art, my football stuff, my applications, products, services and all. I hope to massively inspire you all with my music and Art ! May peace and blessings of ALLAH swt be on all of you. Thank You

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Fahad Ullah Khan