President Flow Rap Fahad Ullah Khan

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For the battle of Desi Hip Hop Urdu Rap Kingship was tryna bring that dope flow on the table for these kids to play with, one of my favorite track made by your Love in two days, a Banger Flow Badshah, dada e raja, meri jaan thora sa tho sharma ja, baitay aja, my art museum, my art station is full of bangers, i feel like hiphopian, i feel like jaw breaking rap gaint, my demons are stunt so they became stunners, i am like a Imran to nawaz, Khan to bakribaaz, a devdas on a loose, bazigar going to make you deewana, a KING is not born he is made.

Artist : Fahad Ullah Khan
Producer : Depo
Mixing : Fahad Ullah Khan
Mastering : Fahad Ullah Khan
VFX Video Editing  : Fahad Ullah Khan