Rap Game Rap Fahad Ullah Khan

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Rap Game as fearless cheetah going destroy this whole art jungle, a lion with a great roar, desi hip hop urdu hindi rap banger going to bang haters, for saint haters, they dance on beat of hip hop music and song just like a sheep or goat dance when they see cheetah coming with a big pillar for their darkness, kids like where is new music mp3, where are new songs, we want to download mp3 new rap music, relax, sit down, drink a glass of water, brother you ll get it, sir sir sir, you ll get it, you all with get masti hindi urdu rap hip hop desi music bangers.

Artist : Fahad Ullah Khan
Producer : Pleur
Mixing : Fahad Ullah Khan
Mastering : Fahad Ullah Khan
VFX Video Editing  : Fahad Ullah Khan